As a child growing up I always used to see my father carrying around his camera taking photos of everything and anything he could find that was interesting enough to photograph. I always used to ask if I could use his camera when I was a kid and with his help and guidance he would show me how to use it. The obsession for a camera began then....

It was on my 8th birthday that I received my first camera the Kodak Star 110 along with a few rolls of film to start me off, I used them all up in a day and had my mother driving into town to get them developed as I eagerly awaited seeing the results of my first photos. Let’s just say my photography skills have improved a lot since I was 8 yrs old. My love for photography evolved from there over the years doing photography as a hobby.

I have always had a “good eye” when it comes to creating photos of treasured memories. I don’t like to stereotype myself as only being one type of photographer as I like to photograph anything from landscapes, houses, weddings, pets, cars, families, commercial etc. which makes me versatile. I go out of the box when thinking about angles, clarity and backgrounds, making me some what different from other photographers.

I would never clarify myself as a "professional photographer" more a hobby photographer allowing clients to get just as good quality and results as a professional photographer but at a quarter of the cost. My photos speak for themselves and my passion for photography along with my attention to detail delivers treasure memories for you to keep.

My other skills are website and graphic design, specializing in business cards, flyers, design artwork, catalogue design, photo editing, online marketing etc.